Saturday, 2 June 2018

Olive Picking and Pickling

 Whopper olives!

 We picked our first crop from this olive tree that we planted approximately four years ago. I wish I could remember its name but I can't find the tag that I carefully put in a safe place.

 Yesterday I put them into jars using the same process that I posted about  here in 2015. 

This morning I've been out picking a half bucket of olives from a roadside tree in a secret location ;-) and have them soaking in pure rain water for three days.

At an auction a few years ago I bought a box of kitchen items for $1. Luckily this gadget was still in it's box, otherwise there's no way I'd have known what the heck it was used for.

It's an olive pitter and I do use it!!  We had home made pizza last night and although Brian is not a fan of olives, my half always has heaps of home pickled olives piled on.
And the other question.... to pineapple, or not to pineapple, on a pizza?

If you enjoy eating olives but have always thought that pickling them was too hard, have a go, it's really dead easy. The only difficult part is waiting six months until ready to eat, but if you do them every year, you'll always have some ready for eating.
Let me know how you go.
Cheers, and thanks for visiting.
XX :)

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