Saturday, 2 August 2014

Kale Chips for Milk

We are so fortunate to have a wonderful community of friends here in Angaston.  Whenever I have some of Daisy's milk to spare I give some to my like minded friends who really appreciate the value of raw milk. Raw milk from grass fed cows is very different from conventional milk, is non acid forming in the gut and has many more health benefits. Many people who can't tolerate dairy or fresh cow's milk find they can drink raw milk but, it must be from grass fed cows. Feeding grain to cows completely changes the molecular structure of the milk because cows were never meant to be grain eaters. Their gut wasn't made for digesting grain, but that's another argument for another day.
If you want more information about grass feeding cows the natural way I'd recommend reading some of Joel Salatin's books. In particular "Folks This Ain't Normal" & "Salad Bar Beef". I'm a huge fan of Mr Salatin and love his articulate way of speaking and writing about food and the way it should be produced.
Yesterday I took some milk to my friend Meg who lives just up the road and she gave me a huge bag of kale freshly picked from her garden.
I just love this trading that goes on all around us.
We had kale in our smoothies this morning. Later today we'll have a fresh juice made from carrot, beetroot, kale & an apple.  There are still three jugs of kale in water to keep it fresh as long as possible, so I made some KALE CHIPS the way my daughter Lizzie taught me.
If you're like us and you've given up eating all processed foods (& foods with numbers), you will love Kale Chips.
To make chips takes about 5 minutes to prepare and approx five minutes to cook in a moderate oven.
Step 1- Tear the greens away from the stalks and place chip sized shapes on a baking sheet. (Keep the stalks for using later in your fresh juice or for adding to soups or casseroles.)
Step 2- Brush each piece with some softened Organic Coconut Oil
Step 3- Sprinkle with Sea salt or Himalayan Pink salt (We use only Himalayan Pink salt)
Step 4- Cook for approx five minutes in a pre-heated oven.
Keep an eye on them because they tend not to cook evenly. Remove the cooked chips until all are done. It's hard to resist putting them straight into your mouth, they're so delicious, salty and totally nourishing.
                                                                     Kale Chips

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