Friday, 29 May 2015

The kindness of strangers

 The little Farm Gate shop sits just outside our gate and is gradually growing in popularity.  All kinds of jams, pickles, sauces and chutneys, honey, garden produce, biscuits and potted herbs could be on offer on any given day. It's honesty box simplicity and I can honestly say that no one has, as yet, abused our trust in them.  I believe that if we give people the chance to be trusted, then in most cases they are honest.
The funds raised help us to continue with helping families in Nepal.
Occasionally customers return the jars when they return to buy more, which is always appreciated as I try to use recycled jars for the preserves as much as possible.
Last Friday, after a particularly tiring day at work, I arrived home to see a stash of lovely recycled jars on a shelf in the stall. In one of the jars were two perfectly knitted little cotton squares and a note, which I read immediately and was overwhelmed by this gift from a complete stranger.
To you dear Cheryl, your kindness is what makes this world a wonderful place to live.
You mention in your note that you enjoy reading my blog, which is a gift in itself to hear someone say that. Then you go on to say that you hand knitted the little cotton dish cloths that you use instead of buying disposable ones.  I love them. They match my blue and white kitchen perfectly.  In these times of almost everything being disposable I love to use re-usable cloths and wash them. How did you know? They deserve a time of sitting on the kitchen bench with your note as a reminder of such kindness, before they become utility objects that I will use over and over.
I hope to meet you some day Cheryl, so please make yourself known when you're next visiting and can see that I am at home so that I can thank you in person.


  1. What a lovely surprise. Hand knitted dish clothes are the best. You'll never go back to disposables.

    1. Indeed I won't Bruise Mouse. I had a little snoop at your blog & have very excitedly added it to my blogs favorites. I see that we have another two blogs in common. Down to Earth & Eight Acres. Aren't they a delight?

  2. What a lovely thoughtful gesture :-)


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