Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter 2016

Don't you just love this time of year? Oh Easter; a time to welcome the first peep of the cooler seasons to come. Fire wood to gather and cut. Garden plans to be put into action. Winter vegetables being planted. Soups, stews, curries and roasts making a come back to the menus.

 Yesterday Brian crutched the ewes and last year's lambs. The ewes are due to start lambing in two weeks time.


The last time we went to our local livestock market we saw that young weaners were fetching high prices, so we decided to turn over the two little heifers now, instead of growing them on to a year old before selling. They are both four months old so I advertised Rosie on Gumtree as a potential house cow for the asking price of $450.
There was quite a lot of interest, and the first people to inquire wanted to buy Blossom as well, for company and to kick start their cattle herd, so that worked out well for both parties.

 She was responding well to her halter training for a couple of weeks before leaving us. This will make it easier for her new owners to continue with her training during these first two years until she has her first calf.  She will be number one house cow at her new home and I could see that she was going to be very much loved.

 Two little heifers off to their new home.

A huge job of removing the wormwood hedge, made easy and very quick with the half day hired bobcat.  Oh, and what a difference it makes to the look of our yard now.
I planted that hedge approximately ten years ago and really loved it for all of this time. It broke up the yard, giving the illusion of smaller rooms leading off the main garden. But it was difficult to grow anything else in its proximity and with the very dry seasons of late, it was looking scrappy. Time to go, time for a change.

And finally, just in case you were fretting about us working too hard during the Easter long weekend, we had a small break last weekend. We never go away over Easter, everyone else is doing that.
Only fifty minutes away from home, this would have to be one of our favorite overnight, mini-break spots along the River Murray.
Meg's first time away with us in the caravan. That shows how long it's been since we took the van out!  She was such a good girl, slept like a baby on her little bed between the two tiny single beds in the van.  Alan stayed at home to be on guard for fox duty, but if you think he's missed out on all the fun, he had a wonderful day out yesterday with his favorite person, eldest son Michael.
I do hope you have had a wonderful Easter break.


  1. Sally, that is great that you had some time 'away' even though it wasn't very far away. I don't like being on the roads at Easter as they are far too congested. I am sure that Rosie and Blossom will be well loved.

    1. Chel, it was such a tonic to sit on the river bank doing nothing but read, walk and watch the bird life, for a mere 24 hours away from home. I started two weeks ago to organise the logistics of being away for just one night. :)

  2. Isn't it lovely that they have gone together :-)

    1. Sue, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to meet a family who love their animals as we do. Rosie and Blossom are in the best of hands, and we made new life long friends as well, so we will be seeing more of the little girls as they grow up.

  3. Im so pleased you managed a little break, the river is always a lovely spot!

    I too am excited about the change of season, Im very much a cool weather cook. Nourishing soups, roasts, good hearty, simple food is my kind of cooking! :) I'm determined to master a few good curries this winter while we are renovating the kitchen ad relying on the slow cooker.


  4. Oooh slow cooker meals are the go Emma. All those veges thrown in together, yum! Kitchen renovations sounds very exciting!


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