Monday, 23 January 2017

January Bee-keeping Workshop

Our final Bee-keeping workshop for this season. Morning tea on the verandah.

A class of eleven.  Lots of great questions and good discussions. The morning part of the day is spent in the shearing shed learning about the equipment and how to use it.

Lunch and morning tea breaks are great for networking and discussions among the participants. A wander of the gardens, and meeting the pigs, chooks and the rest of the menagerie is a must too.

After lunch we got hands-on with bees; checking the hives, finding the Queens, and uniting hives together.
Brian from Gawler.
People traveled from far and wide to attend. 

Sara drove from Watervale, near Clare.
Sue and her partner Pete traveled two hours from Jabuk, in the Mallee region of South Australia.
Both of these delightful ladies are blog readers, so it was both overwhelming and humbling to meet them. Of course we clicked immediately, as we felt like we already knew each other.

Sue and Pete, from Jabuk.

Alan loves people so he was all smiles.

The bloke who makes it all possible. How he manages to talk and impart his wisdom all day, amazes me. We work as a team, but he does most of the talking. I'm not so good at that because I get all talked out after a few hours, and then can't string two words together..!!
Each of us have our strong and weak points, so I guess we compliment each other. I do the behind the scenes stuff; marketing, bookings and financials, the food (morning tea and lunch), and general assistant facilitator.
Brian is the bee keeping Guru. He sets up the classroom areas, prepares the projects, and speaks all day.
Yesterday's session ran well overtime, but no one seemed to mind staying until 5.30pm.
Roberta and John from Marananga are in the background, and oh my goodness, what beautiful people they are. In fact, we had another wonderful group yesterday and made even MORE new friends.
So it's a wrap! The next workshops will start up again in October, when the next bee season gets under way.
Cheers, and thanks for popping in to this little blog.


  1. There's a Beehive Road in Jabuk! Coincidence?

  2. How lovely to meet new people so interested in bee-keeping, Sally. While it must be lots of work getting everything ready for your workshops, it must be so nice to pass on knowledge and enthuse people about bees. Morning tea looks delicious by the way! Meg:)

  3. Oh look at dear Alan there just loving being in the centre of it all! haha! Gosh he is a sweet boy!


  4. You certainly do keep busy on your farm, Sally. I haven't seen many bees around here lately but did come across a blue banded bee which made me very excited. I need to get my husband to build a yard to keep the chooks in so that my plants get a chance to flower and attract the bees.

  5. I would like to see more of Alan too. What a great fella :-)


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