Friday, 5 May 2017

I thought there would be more free time! Retirement furphy no.1

When I retired from my paid job almost a month ago some of the folks at work asked me what I would do. Those few folks didn't know me very well obviously!
I told them I'd have plenty to do around the farm and would probably have a little more free time to do a bit more writing and reading, but so far that hasn't been the case at all.
Fruit season has kept me busy preserving, making jams and sauces, and selling excess through the farm-gate shop near our front drive way.
The Barossa Vintage Festival, a bi-annual event, followed straight after Easter, which is always lots of fun with plenty of free events to attend. There are lots of pricey events too, dinners, cooking schools, master classes etc.
Having worked in Events and Catering  for a few years I was lucky to experience being behind the scenes at lots of these gala occasions, so I can say, "been there done that", and spend my hard earned $$$ elsewhere. Or not at all.

An art exhibition honoring the historical Barossa Cookery Book at the Tanunda Regional Gallery was well worth seeing.

 These installations could have almost been my kitchen. They spoke to my heart and soul.

 And this gorgeous piece by Janelle Amos won first prize. 

 Getting out and about with friends during the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival.

We left the farm in the capable hands of Brian's sons while we took the ferry across to Kangaroo Island for a few days.

Our Air BnB accomodation was completely adorable and surpassed our expectations. Tiny but a bit like the Tardis inside, with all comforts and everything we could possibly need. 

Catching up with other honey farmers was high priority. No surprises there!
Cliffords Honey Farm is the original honey outlet in KI and the honey icecream is to die for. We loved this place so much, we went twice. Two lots of icecream.
I tried to manipulate a few hints on the much guarded recipe, with not much luck. Can't blame them keeping it secret though.

Lots of sight seeing. 
Lots of seals, sea lions, and kangaroos.
It was the first time for me in Kangaroo Island and I absolutely loved the pristine landscape, the people, and the food.

We ate out every night, had lunches in cafes or bakeries, but always had a thermos in the back for those out of the way places when a nice hot cuppa is called for.
Eating out is not something we do very often, and why would we want to with all the lovely foods we grow?  So it's a real treat to have a few days away, staying in accommodation that's perfect but not going to break the bank, and eating out at various relaxed places.
All boxes ticked.

After four days of no cooking you can guess what I did first.

So much cheese and so little space..both in our tums and in the fridge, so what to do?

I offered to exchange cheese for a list of my preferred trading items on Jembella Farm Facebook page and next day I met a complete stranger at our front gate. She gave me a big bag of these leafy greens and chillies and I handed over a tub of cheese.!!
Still so much to tell you, but I think you'll be glazing over by now, so until next time,
go well.


  1. Thanks for sharing a peek into your holidays. You both looked like you had fun. :)

  2. I have never been to Kangaroo Island, Sally, though I have always wanted to so it is lovely to see your photos and read about what you did there. My boy would love that honey ice-cream! Meg:)

  3. Always great to hear about your full days. KI sounds wonderful ❤️Jude fairywrencottage

  4. So glad you had such a lovely time, Sally. I don't even know where Kangaroo Island is so I had better look it up on the map. LOL!

  5. I really enjoyed the photos Sally, it made me happy just looking at them, and it looks like you had a wonderful time. Happy for you both.

  6. Hi Sally,

    Glad to hear you are not too bored in your retirement lol!

    I have the Barossa cookbook (and blue scales like the one in your photo lol). Looks like a fantastic exhibition :)

    Kangaroo Island is on my to do list. The accommodation where you stayed sounds lovely, and so does that honey flavoured icecream. I just mentioned to hubby that we should go to KI and taste the honey icecream. I have been there way back in year 7 (many, many years ago) on a school trip. I do remember a lot about the place which means I must have enjoyed myself :)

    So pleased you enjoyed your trip away.


  7. Thanks for your lovely comments Chris,Meg, Sherri, Nana Chel,Jude and Tania. Time constraints prevent me from answering each one individually, but maybe things will slow down a bit soon. Tania, if only the exorbitant cost of the ferry between KI and Cape Jervis was more realistic, we'd be visiting the Island more often. Dollar for Kilometre, it's the most expensive ferry in the world!


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