Monday, 25 February 2019

When We Know It's Time

Spotted this picker as I drove into Town early one morning, and he was still there when I returned later in the day. In fact he's been there for weeks now. 

Look, I'm not usually one for giving up without at least a bit of a tussle, but this business of Google widgets and buttons that appears in a pink window every time I open my blog page, has got me in a bit of a fix.
A chest tightening, anxiety fix.
So dear reader, this is one of the reasons why you haven't heard a peep from me for such a long time. Not that I would assume to be missed or anything so presumptuous. You're probably thinking "Who was she? Oh her!"
This type of tech obstacle has me running away, in fact I'd sooner do any other tedious task than sort this out. Suddenly the thought of wiping ten years of dust from the ceiling fans became most appealing to me, and whilst I'm pleased to report the (now) cleanliness of our fans, I'm still sent into paroxysms of fear and end up in a foetal position on my bed, escaping into the pages of a book every time I look at my blog screen.
Don't worry about me though... I'm just over here whimpering and whinging in self pity.
There is a cunning plan though, and the tech savvy son is popping over this week, lured by my berry cheesecake, after which I'll mention my small problem. Ha.. facing my demons feels so good.
I've got this!

 It has been a disappointing season for bee keepers in South Australia due to extreme heat and dry weather, but the numbers of people who are eager to learn about bee keeping continues to increase.

Three Beekeeping workshops here in three months has educated thirty two new bee keepers.
This picture taken at our January Bee course, shows one of the gentlemen with hood off due to the hot day. 
I was thinking how great it was, that for the first time ever, in all ten of our Beekeeping workshops over the past three years, every attendee here today was fitted out with their professional bee suits or bee smocks. No worries, I thought, no fear of stings today.
An hour later this gentleman was in anaphylactic shock and was transported to our local hospital where he spent the night. Fortunately he was attending with his adult son, and also fortunately,  one of the participants that day was a GP.
Of all the classes we have run, no one was stung by a bee until this day.

We're taking a break from doing workshops for awhile now, after recently feeling a little overwhelmed with the effort and time consuming aspect of running these events.
The behind the scenes tasks of setting up for these days should be enjoyable, that's why we have done so many, but I admit to feeling a little burnt out when preparing for the most recent event this week.
A group of ten people for lunch, a farm walk, and learning about sustainable living and farming. A wonderful group of interesting and interested people, it was a pleasure being in their company.
This is what buoys us on, but it's time now for me to learn to manage my time more effectively and to slow things down a little. I'm not sure if that's possible while living this kind of lifestyle but I will attempt to look at things carefully and try to minimise the need for such busy days.
I have a few plans and strategies to work with. It will be difficult to let some things go, but it needs to be done.
(Photo by @sean_the_chef)   
In the milking shed talking cows to a captive audience, minus the cow. 

I think we all need to stop and do a personal assessment from time to time. To think about what makes us happy, what is slowing us down and what is causing anxiety or a feeling of dread.

For each of us, many of those things that we've been doing for what seems like forever, may not bring us the joy that it used to, or maybe it's starting to feel like a chore.  It's no good whingeing about it, and if we keep on doing it, we have only ourselves to blame for a life lived less than we hoped for. 
They will be small steps for me, but I can feel the weight lifting already.

 But first...
This workshop is coming up and we are so looking forward to seeing many old and new faces here.
If you want to attend you will need to register with BAA in Bellengin, NSW, through the phone number or website shown. But be quick, we are almost at our numbers limit already.
Morning tea is provided (by me), but you will need to BYO lunch.

OK I'm off to the kitchen to make a meal and cake for a friend who's baby boy was born a week ago today. Even though it was thirty three years since I was in the same situation, I will always remember with much fondness the friends who dropped food in, but didn't hang around. This is the time for the family unit to bond, and for the new mother to rest and get to know herself and baby in this new world they have entered into.

Cheers and thanks for dropping in.

Sally XX


  1. I do not understand the message either about google widgets...I have no idea how it will affect my blog?

    1. Kathy I hope I can follow what he does to fix it so I can let you know. But these young tech people move around the screen so very fast I can't keep up.

  2. Sally, I have no idea what is going to happen with widgets etc. either but I think it is something to do with Google + . I think my blog will be alright but time will tell. I am not all that techy either :-)

    1. Chel, from what I've heard, any comments made on our blogs through Google will be deleted, also those people who usually comment through Google will no longer be able to do so. It will affect our comments. It's a nightmare for us not so techy folks, we all need a young person... lol

  3. It is always a delight to read your updates (whenever they come).
    Interesting how decluttering a home seems to be the rage, I vote for decluttering ones life...slowing down, and just being.
    Thank you for your blog, and the time you take to share with us. They are much appreciated.

    Patricia Fl/USA

    1. Patricia I'm so grateful to read your comment. At a time when I'm pondering the merits of writing my blog, does anyone read it? is it of interest? it's comments like yours that keeps us bloggers going so I thank you for that. Yes slowing down is what I want to do, and start doing things I'd rather be doing.

  4. Hi Sally, Just found your blog (thank-you for the link Emma- a simple living journey). Wonderful reading. Thank-you for sharing and inspiring. Cheers, Jo

    1. Jo, thank you for coming over from Emma's for a visit here and for your much appreciated positive comment. Thanks to my darling friend Emma.X

  5. I'm with you Sally, I'm miffed as to what will be happening and how these changes will affect blogger.

    Your workshop sound like it will be wonderful, and your cooking is always worthwhile. ;)

    And I have missed your blogs, though I hear it through our chats of course. But I'm very glad to see you writing, you have so much knowledge and wisdom to share and we all love tours of your beautiful farm! I'm glad to hear the weight is lifting, I think the SA summer is very disheartening too. Autumn is nearly here my friend, the cool air will come, the hills will soon green up and that wood oven will be crackling away soon enough!


    1. Oh Em, won't it be wonderful to have that kitchen wood stove fired up again. Thanks for your beautiful and thoughtful words. Yes, one more big workshop and then no more for awhile.

  6. There’s nothing unusual happening on my blog...yet...!

    You’ve obviously been having some deep contemplation of late, that’s a good thing. I think we all need to assess our life and priorities every now and then (maybe as often as we clean the ceiling fans 😉) it helps shake things up and keep life interesting and on track.

    I hope your son can help 😊

  7. Hi Cheryl, it will be lovely to have some free time to catch up reading my fave blogs again and start doing some new things. Small changes, not always easy to let go, but good things will be ahead. Thanks for your words. X

  8. i love reading your blog when it pops up, i love your farm life & the knowledge you share, like Emma's blog - 'A Simple Living Journey' you keep it real! sorry to hear about the bloke who got stung & ended up in hospital, glad he was okay.
    love walking around your gardens & milking the cows or feeding the toddy calves, watching the chickens scratch around, it's so peaceful but how you keep up with all of it amazes me! you're so busy! i hope you keep writing for awhile to come, it's always something new here & exciting & inspiring!
    i haven't had anything from google except that they will be cutting off Google Plus come April, not sure what it will mean either, will just wait & see when the time comes; shame, it's so easy to use.
    a wonderful post
    thanx for sharing

    1. Selina, it's lovely to hear from you and thanks for your lovely words. This is what spurs me on to continue blogging, and hopefully I'll soon have more time to write more often.

  9. Ironic that the last beekeeping class, ended with a bee sting. Nature has a sense of humour, lol. It's one of those moments when you think about the anaphylactic reaction, it's conjures up amusing comparisons, like: "yeah, but you should have seen the other guy!" RIP little bee. Glad it all worked out in the end!

    One of the reasons I moved to the country, was to escape all that busyness of metropolitan areas. Which was great at the tim, but now I'm hypersensitive to busyness. I can work all day, from dusk till dawn, but please don't make me rush. I'll cave like the sandcastle and the tide. Enjoy your peace and quiet. I think you've earned it. :)

  10. PS: I noticed you missing. I was tempted to do a little bee dance, to draw you back. ;)

  11. It could have been so much worse Chris. The man didn't complain or make any fuss at all, so it was just lucky that I noticed him behaving a bit strangely and brought it to the attention of his son and the GP sitting across from him. His son drove him to the hospital, just three minutes away. I spent a day in the City last week and although it's busier there, the people don't know the busy-ness and constant work of country folks on the land. They seem to think life in the country is slow and relaxing. Well, perhaps it might be... for me.... one day. ;-)


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