Sunday, 12 May 2019

Pickling Olives


Hello to the ABC listeners who have come over here from Sophie and Peter's gardening program this morning.
Here is the link to Pickling Olives

I hope you will enjoy the process, and the taste, as much as we do.
Don't forget to keep them for six months before testing for taste and readiness.

And please leave a comment if you want to.

** Edit post - Last year I tried making a couple of jars of dry salted olives that I found on Laura's wonderful blog They are ready to eat much sooner and kept us going with olives until the other jars were ready to eat. Six months is a long time to wait and I usually make enough jars to keep us going all year until the next batch are ready, but I gave too many away which left us olive-less!!.
The dry salted method produces wrinkly and rather salty olives, but they were perfect for our home made pizzas and I made some tapenade from them too.

Cheers from Sally


  1. love olives & until now hadn't thought to grow any! how silly is that! i like your version for soaking as i would be worried about all that salt too
    thanx for sharing

    1. Selina, maybe there are roadside trees you could glean from. ;-)

  2. I have just read your recipe and it is by far the easiest one I've seen. My tree is full so the job will begin soon.

    1. Brigie last year I tried a couple of jars of the dry salt method on Laura's blog, 'Grow Gather Enjoy' They were ready within a few weeks although quite salty and wrinkly. Perfect for pizzas, and satisfied my yearning for olives until the others were ready after six months. One of my larger jars (my original recipe) went mouldy all the way through, so I threw them out, but the other jars were great. A little mould on top of some jars that was easily scooped off and did not affect the flavour of the olives underneath.

    2. I've now edited the post to include a link to Laura's dry salted method. I'll be doing a few jars again soon.

  3. Were you on the Radio Sally? Oh I missed it!

    I love olives, I only tried pickling them once and it was a disaster. I have not been game since! LOL Though I will again once day as they are perhaps one of my favorite foods.


  4. Em, I was listening on Sunday morning to the Gardening program with Sophie Thompson and Peter Goers. They were talking about olive growing and a listener asked how they should pickle their olives. Well, I was talking TO the radio, but not ON it... lol.. So I sent a text to tell them about the recipes on my blog, not really expecting them to read it out on air. But they did..!! So I quick smart wrote a brief post to include the link to the Olive Pickling post that I wrote a couple of years ago. XX


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