Monday, 24 June 2019

Kelpie Kids

Hello! I really need to catch up as this news is already becoming old news.
The annual Kelpie Muster in Casterton Victoria is held every Queen's Birthday weekend and we would not miss it for quids.
This time with two dogs, Meg and young Jack, our preparations stood us in good stead as all went smoothly with them both.
Meg is an old hand at the Triathlon, this year being her third time competing, and as usual she had a most wonderful time.
Jack's first time out in  crowds of people and dogs; he was overwhelmed at first, barking and jumping around, pulling on the lead, but in less than an hour he was settled and well behaved, trusting me to guide him quietly and remind him to correct his manners.

 With our hands full, we didn't get many photos of the competitions, but the Casterton News photographers were out and about.
I found this photo of me with Meg, lining up for the High Jump at 2.055metres. She cleared it to secure equal third placing for High Jump.
She enjoyed the 50metre Street Dash and made very good time.
The Hill Climb was the third event in the Triathlon for the day. Oh gosh, she loves all of this fun and becomes super excited, as you can see from her body and facial expression.
Jack, at eight months old, competed in the 50 metre Street Dash, and lolloped along towards Brian calling out to him at the other end. He felt so special and just like a proper grown up boy.

 Earlier in the day I asked the photographer to use my phone for a pic after she had finished clicking with her hi-tech camera.
Just look at this gorgeous boy! What a face!

Meg scales a seemingly impossible height, and then went on to leap the next level of one board higher. 
The wonderful thing is that the dogs really do love what they're doing. Those stewards wearing high vis vests are there to catch any dog that can't make it up to the top. Although many of the dogs are not able to jump as high as they want to, no dogs are harmed or allowed to fall back to the ground.
Strict veterinary checks are made in the morning before competing and throughout the day. 

Our quiet camp spot far from the crowds. This is a well guarded secret spot where the dogs can run free under supervision. 
We humans appreciate the solitude after long and hectic days of volunteering and competing. Although we always have plans of trying out the pubs and restaurant each evening for dinner, the attraction of take-away or snags on the barbie "at home" with a glass of red wine around the camp fire usually wins out.  
We had a very good meal at the Albion Hotel one night though. Generous sized meals for we hungry workers at reasonable pub prices. 
Brian's reaction to the prices of meals is a funny sight, and the eye raising expression at the cost of a drink would have one think that it's a long time between our eating out experiences. And you'd be right.  

 On our way home, and just inside the South Australia border (phew) we came upon a farmgate table selling pumpkins. This was all that remained after I bought up most of their beautiful Queensland Blues and Butternuts.

We filled up every empty space with pumpkins. I can't tell you how excited I am about getting these pumpkins. After we had such a dismal pumpkin growing season I bought a whole pumpkin at the super market and almost choked on the price. Now we have a good supply of home grown pumpkin to see us through winter.

We have been back home for a couple of weeks and working like mad to catch up. 
Brian finished off the outdoor kitchen...!!! Oh yeah, after some trepidation (on my part) and quietly wishing we had never begun the huge task, tired of the mess, and doubtful of the design....
I LOVE IT..!!!
I'll show it to you next time.
I hope you're able to be warm if you're somewhere near our winter; perhaps you love it just as much as I do. Energy to burn and copious gardening jobs being ticked off daily.

Cheers for now, see you next time.
Sally XX


  1. Wonderful post (as usual). Look forward to seeing the completed kitchen.

    1. Thanks Fran. I'm onto it right now.. kitchen photos coming up. ;-)

    2. Thanks for all the details you shared, about adventures with the Kelpie Muster. A working dogs paradise! Pretty much in their element, I reckon. So glad you found some farm-stand pumpkins too! I know you had a gap this year. Our local farm-stand, fills a pallet full of pumpkins, and they're always gone within a few days. So we have to be quick. Enjoy your pumpkins. Also excited about seeing the new outdoor kitchen reveal, soon!!

    3. Pumpkin baked in the wood oven almost every evening Chris. :-) And pumpkin soup! I'm hopeful of a better growing season this spring. and am already building up the new pumpkin areas with composted manure from the cow paddocks. XX

  2. It looks like so much fun! Good dogs!


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