Sunday, 29 June 2014

Artificial Insemination

Today the planets have aligned. We managed to synchronize Bella's cycle in time with the AI (artificial insemination) man.
The calendar was marked three weeks ago that Bella was due to cycle on Friday 27th June.
Friday came & went, we had our local Dairy farmer friend on stand by, but there were no signs of anything. Yesterday evening we noticed Bella started to flirt with Daisy.
Aha... ! The time was right for us but our kind farmer friend was elsewhere!
Plans were made for him to pay us a visit today & hopefully she would still be receptive.
This is the frustration of relying on AI, so when we have a successful AI completed, we breathe a sigh of relief & count 21days hoping that the cow has conceived. If she shows signs of cycling again then, we know that this AI was not successful. This can happen & has happened.
                                                           Preparing the semen straw into the applicator
                                                                                 Sterile plastic glove
                                                               Bella is relaxed while she eats her chaff.
                                                                      The semen is inserted into the cervix.
I guess a warning of graphic pictures should have been placed at the top of the page, but if you're reading this blog you probably need to expect the unexpected occasionally. This is farming life & if we're to write about it, it should be in a transparent way.
Bella had no stress at all during the procedure. She happily walked into the milking parlour,  stuck her greedy head into the feed bin & munched contentedly.
Brian & I were probably more stressed than anyone. The hope of another calf born here on our property in nine & a half months time is something to be excited about. Each birth is equally as exciting as the very first calf born all those year ago.
Daisy is due to cycle next week & the AI man is on standby & waiting for the phone call.  Hopefully the planets will align again.
Next year Mulga Bill will be on hand to inseminate the girls. At just four months old, he's already showing bullish tendencies but needs to grow much taller.

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  1. great blog love the photos keep us informed how Daisy goes


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