Saturday, 20 February 2016

Welcome Home Mulga Bill

Look who's home. Mulga Bill has spent twelve weeks away on a beautiful property in the Adelaide Hills. He enjoyed the company of twenty Hereford cows who's calves should start dropping in September.

We drove to collect him this morning. It was a pleasure to load him onto our trailer as the farmer has a practical and efficient yarding system which made the job easy.  No stress on the animal, or us.
He asserted his dominance just as soon as he returned to our paddocks, rather fancying Lavender .  She gave birth to her calf, Blossom, in April, so she's now ready to be mated up again and no doubt Mulga Bill will be happy to oblige.
Daisy's calf is due at the end of next month, 29th march, so I stopped milking her on Friday. She was producing only four litres a day, so her "drying off" is happening with no issues at all.
I can feel her calf moving around when I stand close while holding my hands to her belly. Exciting!
Now we are relying on Lavender for our milk, and one of us is milking her daily before she is allowed in with the two calves again.
We have an extra mouth to feed now, but it feels reassuring to have him back with us. After his travels and adventures, he is still the quiet and well mannered gentleman.
My goodness, the folks and heifers on our neighboring properties know he's back too. The bellowing is something to behold, but thankfully now that night has come he's quiet and relaxed again.

Cheers and thanks for dropping in today.


  1. Sally, it sounds like Mulga Bill enjoyed his little 'holiday'. :-) He is a big boy I must say.

    1. He is a real sweety Nana Chel..... but I never turn my back on him. ;)

  2. I don't think I would like to get in the yard with Mulga Bill, he looks a bit feisty! I bet he is happy to be home again though.

    This post brings back memories of the house cows my mum would milk everyday. She loved her cows. I shared a photo of her old milking shed on an earlier blog post, and she still has her separator that she will hand over to me eventually :)



    1. Oooh, if that separator of your mum's is an electric one, you will have a real treasure. I will have separator envy! I'm trying to find/buy a second-hand electric one (they are solid and better than the modern ones)but it is proving to be a difficult item to find. :)


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