Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Each to their own

Each to their own;
I'll respect your lifestyle choices, and please respect mine.
I think perhaps I'm a bit grumpy today.
Sure, I'm really grateful to be living in Australia where we have everything we can possibly want, running water, a reliable electricity supply, and all the other things our country provides for us, but today I'm a bit OVER watering my garden again!!  I can never remember it being this dry... for so long. It seems to have been hot and dry here in the Barossa for too many months.
It's nearing the end of April and it's a dry 29C degrees.

I've taken some time out today to put this lovely boy's picture onto Gumtree, offering his services to cow owners who want  some of his calves. All to no avail today. Not once, but twice I went through the entire procedure, clicked "Download Ad", and was met with a screen that apologized for not being successful in placing my ad. Grrr!
To calm myself I went outside to try weeding some more Kikuyu from my vege patch, but the flies make that task too unbearable today, plus the dry wind is picking up, bringing dust with it.
Then I got to thinking about some other things that have been bugging me lately.

Warning... rant follows!! 
Why is it that some folks can't accept other folks differences?
I'm really happy that people go to the movies, and enjoy going shopping and eating out regularly. I'm just not happy for me to be doing those things on a regular basis, so please don't talk down to me when I tell you that no, I won't be driving eighty minutes to the City to see a movie and waste a whole day wandering about there for the sheer joy of it.  I don't enjoy being in Cities. Understood?
I'm very happy to hear that people go on cruise ships, in fact my aging parents loved cruising during their later years. So please don't come back and tell me how I really must go on a cruise ship, and feel so sorry for me because I haven't the good fortune to do so.
Please understand that my expectations when  traveling overseas are totally different from yours. I don't want to be surrounded by crowds of people from my own state or country. I don't want to know exactly where I'll be sleeping every night. I don't want to spend my time drinking Aussie beer and eating Aussie food. But if that's what you want, then I'm happy for you and I won't talk down to you because your preferences are different to mine.
My form of traveling requires me to use my wits, take risks and challenge myself constantly, meet new people and immerse myself in genuine cultural  experiences.
I don't try to force my preferences on you, so please don't think I'm going to want to do what you are doing.

 I value my time at home, in the place that I work at to make it a peaceful and regenerating place to be. I love creating things in my kitchen and working quietly in my garden, talking to my dogs, chooks, cows, the birds. They are my favorite company.
I don't want to go out to work every day to earn more money to buy more things for my home that I'm never going to get the chance to enjoy because I'm at work every day to earn the money to buy more things for my home........
But if that's what you want to do, then I'm pleased for you. Just don't complain to me about how tired and sick you are because you don't have time to grow or cook your own food.
I don't need to impress people by sprouting about the latest new restaurant I dined at, or the shiny new car I just bought with the bank's money.
Oh, and don't tell me that I need to make changes to my lifestyle because all of these animals in my care tie me down too much.
This is the lifestyle I chose. I actually enjoy it. I don't yearn for someone else's lifestyle.
Let's celebrate and accept our differences, because none of us are the same.

Thanks to the blogosphere and the discovery of other folks who share my thoughts and appreciation of the simple things.
Thanks for your wonderful posts that make me realise that I do have a tribe out there.
I used to feel alone, not lonely, but out of step with what's perceived as normal until I discovered the blog writers, many of whom are displayed on the side bar of this page.
Thanks for listening to my little vent. I feel better now. :)


  1. I couldn't have said it better. As you get older its good to know yourself enough to know exactly what YOU with YOUR life and what makes YOU happy and then to follow that dream and enjoy and others can follow theirs, but above all respect everyone's choices. Well done you (insert loads of clapping here), take care Guida.

    1. Oh Guida, can you hear the clapping from me? I was a little hesitant about keeping this post up here when I came back later to read it. But I need to be honest about who I am if I'm going to write about myself, so warts and all, here it is. Thank you for your reassuring words. :)

  2. I found your blog about 4 months ago, and watch eagerly for your updates. You have inspired me and I have refered to your blog to help solve issues we have here.
    We moved to the Mallee 3 years for what we have called our 'sand change'. We are growing what we can, lots of trials and many failures.
    Some people think we were mad to leave the city life with shops and movies. We don't agree. We are happy with our choice ... and agree with you.
    Hope to meet you one day.
    from Jabuk

    1. Sue, your "sand change" would have shocked many of your friends I'm sure, but each to their own hey? Glad to hear it's working out for you. I can imagine the view of the stars on a clear night would be something to behold. Thanks for dropping in. :)

  3. Sally, 'normal' is just a setting on a washing least that is what I tell myself. LOL! I agree totally with you about accepting each other's preferences in how we want to live our lives. Great post. Keep them coming!

    1. Haha Chel... thanks to my blogging friends, I realised that it wasn't just me who could'nt usually fill out a form by ticking boxes. There are no boxes suitable sometimes. :)

  4. Hear Hear !
    You have to live your life for you, and only you.
    And maybe a little for your followers here ;) . I've only recently found your blog and read it with great interest. You are an inspiration for me and most likely many other people who have a similar approach to life.
    Keep going !
    Patricia xxx...x

  5. Love this post!! I definitely feel that I care less and less about what others think as I get older (coz 32 is old ;-p ) and now I have my own little family to keep me occupied, entertained and worried/stressed, I have no time to worry about the Joneses!

  6. You GO pleased to read your RANT,people are so quick to judge because we do things a little different to their NORM.Love reading your blog love you keeping it real. We need rain here in Victoria too the South West corner and Central Victoria around Daylesford and Shepparton are so dry with the livestock looking a bit worse for wear...keeping our fingers crossed that we get a bit of a deluge from a massive cold front heading our way in the next few days. Hope you get some rain soon too!!! Wish I was closer to give you a big hug. Keep up the good work and take care.

  7. Oh well said .... so bloody well said!!

    And it needs saying over and over .... even in blogland sometimes when people question what we do and what we say.

    We jumped ship to do as we please, we've pleased enough people for long enough now it's time to live our lives for us. We only get the one after all, best to use it now .... how we want to use it.

    I may consider a cruise through calm waters in my later years but for now I'm happy to wade through torrents of my own making.

  8. Hello Sally. I've been enjoying your posts so much. Your dear husband and you impress me so much with your sufficiency. I do so much less than the two of you. This doesn't bother me at all. I'm gleaning so much information from your thoughts and work. I'll take some of your ideas and try them here. Some I'll continue and others I'll not. My dear husband and I are walking to our own drum and not expecting others to follow. We're surrounded by people that brag but I try not to brag. I love being content, would like to be far more self-sustaining but I'm so, so thankful for my blessings. I'm loving the farm, loving home schooling, loving eating our own food, loving the quiet life. I'm "rich" beyond words!

  9. Sally, I love reading your blog, and you're such an inspiration to me. There are so many things I'm learning from reading your blog, and things I'd love to try in the future. All you have to remember is that the only person you have to please in life is yourself, as you're the one who has to live with your choices.

  10. Bloody wonderful rant! And so darned true! I had to pass through a shopping mall yesterday so wandered into a few shops for a look see. Lot's of poorly made clothes which cost a fortune and goods that I don't need or want. I fail to see the attraction of malls. I'm also more than happy to wait for a flick to get old enough to appear on TV. I'm a happy country mouse - chooks, veggie garden, spinning wheels, looms to keep me busy during the day then stars at night in abundance because I don't have light pollution where I live. Not for me is town or neighbour's noise or street lights to keep me awake at night. Your rant makes perfect sense to me.

  11. I LOVE when people are different from me! That's how i learn things. Besides, more of me would be utterly BORING! We all need to walk to our own drummer!
    I think your life is wonderful! I can tell you want to be there. Blessings!

  12. Big hugs Sally, sounds like you have copped some flack.

    I love that we live in a diverse world with people from all walks of life! I wish we had our farm we have been working so hard for, so I could do more of the things I want to do, so we could be togeather throughout the day.

    I don't know why some people think their life is better then another, why one person thinks their dress sense is better, the way they spend their money, or have a career. It puzzles me. I have been told our old vintage van "will be fine for now, but we will want to upgrade." I don't, I LOVE it. Its gives us everything we need, it fits all out things perfectly, we have a big bed in there and its so bright and cheerful, it makes me feel happy being in it! I would much rather spend the money we would spend on an upgrade on actually having beautiful holidays and building memories, which is what we bought it for anyway.

    I love our animals, and the things that "tie" us down, thats what makes a house a home to us.

    So you do you girl! Its a beautiful life and a gentle path to walk. :) I'm not too far for a cuppa, and am happy to listen to a rant over a cuppa. :)

    Seeing photos of your kitchen is making me itchy for ours to be done soon. ;)


  13. Thank you, thank you to you all. An overwhelming response to this post that I can't possibly respond individually, but it warms my heart to hear your comments and loving support. I don't get wounded by people's strange remarks about our choices for our life, but there was a time not too may years ago that I would have. No, no... I discovered an entire world of folks out there in blog land who's blog writings resonated with me so deeply, and gave me permission to be OK with who I am. It's OK to be the way that I am, just as long as I'm not a zealot about my beliefs and preferences. Debbie, life would indeed be boring if we were all alike. Emma, the caravan building industry would go broke if everyone loved their old caravans like we do lol . Sue, your eloquence is perfect, regarding calm waters later, with torrents of our own making for now. Kelly, I wish I had your wisdom when I was at your "ripe old age" of 32 :)

  14. Thanks for this post, Sally - we feel much the same way! We'd love to get a little property to keep more animals on out of the suburbs (and so often "but how do you go anywhere?!").

  15. Replies
    1. Thanks Merryl and welcome. Glad you got it sorted and can comment now. :) It's great to have you here.

  16. Obviously this was a knickers falling in the dirt & not in the basket day!

  17. It's frustrating when people do that! I use to be a foodie and eat out all the time and although I have't traveled much I am from an ethnic background and grew up in a diverse community so I feel quite cultured. But now I enjoy spending time at home and making soap, food, knitting and sewing and hopefully in the next two years some a few farm animals. I often find I don't have much to talk about at the school gate or the kids' soccer field but when I get online i have so much in common with other simple living folks I could talk to the cows come home. I hate the shopping centres! We only go there when we are desperate, get what we need and get out. You could be rude back and tell people "well I'm not really in to a mindless consumerist lifestyle but of course you wouldn't be so rude and neither would I. There's lots of people like me who marvel at your knowledge and skill level.

    1. Zena, I feel like the first 40 years of my life were another person all together. I was the quintessential consumer, fashion victim, party goer. It's a long story what made me change, maybe one for another day, but I'm content that I've done all those things and no longer yearn for those experiences. It also reminds me to be tolerant of those younger than me who live that life that I used to. Each person has their own journey. :)

  18. Sally, I identify with everything you say in your glorious rant. Also, whenever you describe the weather down your way I am struck by how similar it feels to here in Cootamundra. I am also 'over' watering the garden. We don't have town water and all other supplies are getting tight; not sure if I will be able to grow any veggies until it rains properly! (I used to live in Scotland and it barely ever stops raining there!) Anyway, as others have said, you are an inspiration. Thanks to your informative posts, I have got back into making yogurt, made your easy peasy ice cream and occasionally make some butter.

    1. Wishing for rain to fall there for you Jane, so you can get those veges planted. Gosh, a big change from Scotland. :)


  20. Rant or vent, whatever you call it, ummmm, I feel like I just looked in the mirror and mirrored your words. Beautiful I say 😊


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