Sunday, 13 December 2015

A Sunday in December

Brian finished shearing the last of the sheep today. He chipped away, a few at a time, over the past few weekends. Although we have always paid a shearer to come and do all of our sheep, this year has been difficult to pin down our new shearer. Preferring to shear our sheep in October, after the last of the cold weather, and before the grass seeds go to head, we waited as each week passed and our shearer still hadn't turned up.
He is the top gun shearer around these parts, as well as being a young Dad and one of those amazing farmers who goes out to help fight fires with his farm fire fighting unit. Of course he is hard to pin down.
Soon after we bought this property, twelve years ago, Brian took up the chance to do a TAFE course learning to shear sheep. Each year he does all of our crutching and shears the odd sheep to keep in practice. He really enjoys shearing and although is a bit slower than the professionals, he does a clean job of it. Very rarely is there a nick or small cut, unlike some of the fast shearers who leave small nicks all over the sheep.
What a Jack of all trades is this bloke of mine and I'm super proud of all that he does here to keep this farm running. It certainly takes a team effort between the two of us.

Meanwhile, I've had a busy Sunday too. The morning was cool so I spent it in the garden after all of the usual morning chores of milking the cow, feeding chooks and pigs, were out of the way.

This evening we are going to our annual Christmas gathering of the property owners along our road. Each year someone else hosts it and tonight is walking distance to our near neighbours. We are asked to bring a salad and a sweet to share so I've made this pasta salad.
As there are always way too many sweets on offer, and there are only the two of us, I'm taking a bag of shortbread for the hosts to enjoy after the gathering is over.
Rich with home made butter, shortbread is a Christmas tradition in our family.


250 g (8oz) Butter
90g (3oz) Castor Sugar
280g (9oz)  Plain Flour
60g (2oz) Cornflour

Soften butter, add sugar and beat till fluffy, then work in the flours.
Divide mix into two equal halves and press into trays or into two shapes as above picture. Approx 1cm (1/3inch) thickness.
Mark with a knife into portion sizes and prick each portion with a fork.
Bake in a slow to moderate oven for approximately 40 minutes or until lightly golden in colour.
Immediately after removing from oven, cut the portion sizes again and sprinkle castor sugar over while hot.
Leave to cool on trays before packaging or storing.

I'm usually making it in my wood oven where the temperature is not always at the ideal, so I keep an eye on it so it does not get too brown.

Cheers and thanks for visiting our little farm blog.


  1. very clever your jack of all trades, also very handy to have around no doubt too
    your shortbread looks divine
    thanx for sharing

  2. mmm, shortbread! Such buttery, crumbly goodness!

    I was thinking I cant do any making in this place as I have no tins - but I DO have trays that are in the oven - duh, what have I been thinking?? Goodness me, I swear my head would fall off if it was not so well attached!

    A job for tomorrow.


    1. I need to bake some more for Christmas gifts too Emma but am waiting for the days to cool off a bit. Soo hot in SA this week. :(

    2. Yes, Christmas gifts! An even better idea. I had hand made elements in my mind for Christmas but just today I have forced myself to accept most will have to go out the window.

      We are nearly up to putting furniture in the rooms as we realised that the ash situation is worse then we initially thought in the shed....everything is going to have to be brushed off, rinsed down and getting our home nice for the boys is the priority.

      But baking some biscuits is certainly something we can do, even if we bake at night and decorate during the day.


    3. After the bush fire trauma and the hospital procedure, you surely have the best excuse for minimal gift giving this year. Oh the ash.... you will have your work cut out for you over these next days. But exciting to be setting up your home after all that has been happening. I've been icing honey biscuits this afternoon and will bake more shortbread tonight. No icing, I love it! :)


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