Monday, 29 July 2019

Screen Time Avoidance and Viola..! a Garden Takes Shape

You may well ask. Where the heck have I been?
Here is where I've been.
I'm alive and very well, but afflicted with a dread of screen time and social media for the past few weeks.
It's not such a bad thing though. I've achieved mountains of work in the garden... the Magnesium oil bottle is almost empty. (Rubbed on back to relieve sore muscles from overwork)

My helper can't understand why it's OK for me to dig holes but not OK for him to do the same.

Today I've exceeded my daily goal of laying three paving stones, laying six pavers instead, so there's a spare hour for paying some bills and a quick blog post while the computer is on the table.

After the completion of the new deck, we were left with a corner that needed some love. I snapped this photo after I had already begun the work, so strictly speaking, it's not a true before shot.

A few water wise plants, some tree branches (from the firewood heap) a load of aged wood chips, and a dummy hot wire to prevent little helpers from digging gardening.
I still have the external window frames to paint, and am waiting for a free couple of hours and a warm sunny day to coincide before I get the very tall ladder out of the shed.

Our hill, visible through the windows, is magnificently green with a healthy hay crop and paddocks of pasture for the cows.

 Speaking of cows.. The bad news is that Honeysuckle is not in calf.
Her AI in January appeared to be successful but after two months she came into estrus again. We had another AI done but it wasn't successful either.
If she can't have a calf, she can't be milked. Keeping a dry barren cow is not an option, especially in our small-holding situation and with another dry year on the way.  Every animal has to pull its weight.
I have invested a huge amount of emotional energy into this cow and it will just about finish me if I have to send her off to market, but there is one option remaining.
A visit to a bull.
I'm planning the process of a trailer ride across the valley next weekend for a sleep-over with a very handsome boyfriend.
Your positive thoughts and energy towards assisting the planets to align will be so very much appreciated.
I'll keep you posted.

And now back to paying those bills.

Sally XX

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