Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday Musing

We love our little caravan, the layout suits us perfectly, but we don't get to use it as often as we would like and have made the big decision to sell it while it is still in good condition.
Later on down the track, when life gets a little less busy, we will buy another one that suits our needs (maybe with a toilet and shower?) Now, that would just be completely decadent wouldn't it?
Or maybe one that slides onto the back of a Ute?
The possibilities are many, so we will take our time to assess exactly the type of recreation vehicle that will suit our needs in the coming years.
So today I'll place an ad on Gumtree...  (sniff..sniff..wipes tears from eyes.)

Happy memories with our first caravan.

I found a picture of Annie's husband Darren who built all of the structural features and pergolas in their garden that I featured in yesterday's post  "Annie's Garden".
What a great team they are and so unaware that they have created a thing of such beauty. Annie has sent this picture (below) to me this morning.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead, and I will leave you with a couple of links that I've enjoyed reading this past week.
Being self reliant in a connected community
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  1. We are having the same dilemma with an off road
    camper trailer. We've had it for almost 15 years
    and used it a fair bit. Unfortunately, because of
    my husband's sport commitments, we can only go
    away in winter and, as we get older, sleeping in
    what is essentially a tent on wheels in the cold
    gets less appealing! What to do?

    1. Barbara we started off with a camper trailer with canvas sides, but camping in winter was not possible. Too cold..! We found it was difficult to sell, so we traded it in for this used caravan a few years ago. Having just spent a week in country Victoria, mid-winter, it was toasty warm and quite comfy. It's just getting old while sitting in our drive way, so someone else could be enjoying it before it gets too much older. The one problem with trading in though, is that you have to buy something from the dealer which is always over priced.

  2. Parting with a lovely van can be very sad - so many personal memories just gone! Many folk are now handing vans down generationally as children cannot bear to see old vans go due to all the childhood memories attcahed to them

    1. Ooh now you make me feel like I'm parting with a loved family member Mr HM. ;-) However, sentimentality mustn't get in the way of economical & practical logic in line with our simple living philosophy. Hmm.. I've been reading your blog. lol

  3. I love that comment by Camille Pissarro it reminds of something my Mum always told us when we were children. "Take pleasure in the little things other people may miss".

    1. Your Mum must have been a very wise woman. :) I do believe that we will always find happiness in our lives if we take pleasure in the small things. X

  4. My favourite part of Annie's garden were the yellow water iris's. I had no doubt when I read your post on Annie's garden that her husband also played a big role. Where we would we be without our garden crew, er I mean husbands! Mine spent the best part of this weekend moving large tree trunks, while I flitted around mulching and watering. :-) Good luck with selling your caravan. It makes perfect sense to sell it if it is not being used very much, but I can see how it will be a bit of a sad parting of the ways.


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