Monday, 7 August 2017


Six lambs to bottle feed were definitely enough, but when we got another phone call yesterday evening, it was impossible to say no to another one.  While Brian drove off to meet the farmer and fetch the baby I prepared a colostrum mix that I feed to all new lambs, and started getting things ready for a new born. On his way home, Brian phoned to let me know that the lamb is a few weeks old, one of twins, and had not been getting his share of the mother's milk.

It's difficult to estimate his age, but comparing him to some of our lambs, we think he could be three weeks old, and in a very bad way. I have never seen a lamb in this condition before, dehydrated and severely malnourished, so it is quite a challenge.
As soon as Brian had brought him into the kitchen I gave him Arnica in pillule form, my favorite remedy for shock.
Even though he is older, and would have had his mother's colostrum soon after his birth, I fed him the health boosting colostrum mixture anyway.

My Colostrum Mix for Lambs
1 egg yolk
1 small dessertspoon of Cod Liver Oil
2 cups of cow's milk or lamb's milk replacement
Mix well, heat to body temperature, feed through a teat if the lamb will suckle, or a syringe if the lamb will not suckle.

We kept him in front of the wood stove and I got up to feed him twice during the night. The biggest challenge with this one is his age, he was wild, unused to humans, and although he is swallowing some milk, he is refusing to suckle the teat. I'm using all kinds of contortion yoga positions to hold him and carefully position the teat in his mouth so the milk will trickle in.
**Be careful when doing this though; if the milk goes into the wind pipe and into the lungs, the animal will contract pneumonia and die.
 When the rain stopped falling this afternoon I took him out to the paddock to meet the other lambs and he started gobbling grass like he was starving.


  1. You are wonderful the way you rescue these lambs, Sally. I do hope you are managing a little sleep along the way.

  2. Oh my - you have a big job there. His general stance is so poorly too.

    1. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he becomes a normal looking lamb? That's my challenge Mr HM.

  3. These poor little souls are lucky to have a wonderful person like you to take care of them.

  4. What a lucky lamb to have you caring for him, Sally. Hopefully, he'll improve. Meg

  5. Onya Sally. I have no doubt with all your ministrations and Foster care all the lambs will progress well. Keep us updated please.


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