Saturday, 15 April 2017

Pig Processing- Bacon

The last of the pigs has been processed, and packed into the freezers with not a square inch of space to spare. 
I wrote about making nitrate free bacon at around this time last year and in that post you will find detailed directions of how to brine the bellies, and how we smoke it in our home built smoker.

This slicer was a very lucky find. Purchased cheaply from a catering business who were upgrading their equipment, it's perfect for slicing the bacon.
Trying to cut it with a knife was OK, but but now the slices are thinner, and there are no lumpy end bits.

And that's a wrap!
I think this calls for an Easter Sunday breakfast of eggs and bacon.
Happy Easter.


  1. Yes definitely bacon and eggs should be on the brekky menu tomorrow, Sally. Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Awesome and delicious,I'm sure!!

  3. Smoked bacon, now that's an indulgence! Any special wood you used to in your smoker, or doesn't it matter? I don't mind if you answer this question, after you return for holidays. :)

    1. Chris we get wood shavings from the coopers at the winery where we (oops,not me any more) Brian works. They are either French Oak or American Oak. Other types of wood may be used, but there are some timbers that must be avoided, like pine.


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