Thursday, 20 April 2017

Quince Jelly

A bit of a cheat today, as I promised this recipe to some of my readers, but as we're packing up to go away for a short break, time is limited.
And then after doing a search of my previous posts I found this recipe for Quince Jelly 
I'd forgotten about this older post... Honestly, it's wonderful getting older, but I can just about hide my own Easter Eggs now, such is my memory.!!

Also, while I'm here, a request for Vicki M to please make contact with me again by email.
Vicki, I'm having problems working out my gmail account, can't find your address and need to contact you to acknowledge your generosity towards the Nepal projects. The deposits are coming in regularly, thank you!
Niruta's school fees have just been paid for the previous year, and now she will move up to what they call Ten plus Two (10 + 2). The Australian equivalent is years 11 and 12.
Nirinjan is doing well with his Pharmacy studies in College, quite the young gentleman now with a part time job in a call centre, and indulging his passion for cricket.
Their dear mother would have been so very proud if only she could see them now.

We're off to Kangaroo Island for a few days, 
Cheers dear readers!



  1. Sally, enjoy your time away and have a good rest.

  2. just caught up with your posts, you're so busy! the pork process was interesting.
    enjoy your holiday
    thanx for sharing

  3. I can appreciate your comment about being able to hide your own easter eggs. The other day I went to the orchard to ask my husband if he would like me to make him a cup of coffee. He said yes please that would be nice. By the time I had walked back inside I had forgotten about the coffee and immediately started tidying up the linen cupboard instead.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Have fun on your island get away. It's a nice time of year for it.

    1. Thank you Chris. Rain has arrived in our state today, so the next few days look like being wet! We are determined to enjoy our KI explorations despite the weather. :)

  5. aaah quinces, love their fragrance. Especially good made into a sweet paste to enjoy with cheese and bikkies.

    Also great to hear about Niruta and Nirinjan. Considering how difficult it must have been for them losing their mother at such an early age, they have overcome the obstacles and forged ahead. Such a handsome fellow and sweet sister.

    1. Hello Yvonne, I'm so embarrassed to have written Vicki instead of Yvonne! My head is all over the place today, and was so frustrated to have lost all of our correspondence somewhere deep in the dungeons of gmail. If you could please email me afresh, I'll pass on my private email address so I won't lose you again. XX


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