Sunday, 1 June 2014

A First Day of Winter Sunday

We've been blessed with 20mls of rain over the past two days. That wonderful feeling that all is well with the world as I head out in the misty rain to feed the calves their milk and let the chickens out. Rubber boots and steamy breath, this is what winter is all about.  Sunday morning is no different to any other day when you have farm animal commitments.  Oh, and I should add here that I'm likely to start talking about "chooks" any time soon, which is Ozzie for chickens, hens and roosters.

                                                  These lovely boys are destined for the table.  

            The girls prefer eating the cabbage leaves hanging from the tree rather than off the ground.

                                                         Noisy & bossy but good watch "dogs".

                                          Heading off to check where the electric fence is shorting out.
                                                   Moving Klaus & Lavender into a fresh paddock.

With the use of electric fencing we've divided all of our larger paddocks.  This enables us to move the cows onto fresh pasture every day or so to minimize parasite and worm infestation.  Allowing them access to fennel and wormwood when they feel they need it, we were able to stop using drenches more than eight years ago. Chemical drenches don't fit in with our organic lifestyle and we have never seen  worms in the gut of any of the beef we have butchered on the property.
Wherever you are, I hope you're having a lovely 1st day of June Sunday.

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