Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Citrus Peels & Good Friends

                                                              A gorgeous winter morning here in the Barossa.

                                                                        Citrus peel vinegar cleaning spray.

Winter means citrus. These tasty little mandarins from our tree smell as good as they taste. The peels have the most wonderful fragrance that I wished I could bottle. Then I found this handy tip last year and have not thrown out a single mandarin, lemon or orange peel since.
Put the peels into a glass jar and cover with vinegar. Ordinary cheapest white vinegar is fine.
Keep on filling the jar as you eat more citrus and cover with vinegar.  Let sit for approx 2 weeks to absorb the citrus fragrant oils. Strain some into a spray bottle, half citrus vinegar and half water, before using as a spray cleaner.
Suitable to use on all surfaces except marble.  DO NOT USE ON MARBLE.
Makes the bathroom, toilet & laundry smell fresh without using a single chemical.

                                                                   Anzac biscuits.

This week I've visited three lots of friends who have recently lost loved ones to cancer.  Until I lost my own parents, I didn't know how or what to do for a friend who is bereaved.
The loveliest of friends showed me the way. They called in with something home made in their hands, hugged me, offered help, stayed for only a few minutes and then left.
I try to follow that example now. These Anzac biscuits are for my dear friend whose husband recently died.
Another reminder to be grateful for every day and hug our loved ones often.


  1. I'm gong to do this thanks mother :)

    1. These are the mandarins that Isla was eating when you were here with us. This batch of cleaning vinegar is filled with Isla love.


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