Saturday, 14 June 2014

Slow Food

Tonight's meal of Devilled Chicken was delicious and within fifteen minutes it was gone.  It took a few minutes to prepare and then cooked slowly for approx three hours in the wood oven.
Served with creamy potato and vegetable bake from our home grown potatoes and Daisy's fresh cream, and some kale and cabbage from the garden lightly fried in home made butter.
The total cost of this meal for four was less than $2.  Nothing came out of a jar or packet and most of the ingredients were grown in our garden or made here in the kitchen from scratch.
 No electricity or gas was used, the wood for the fire was gathered at no cost.
All it took was human energy, motivation and time. Lots of time. But during that time, we did other things as well. We traveled, worked, enjoyed each others company and the company of friends, mended fences, planted trees, grew a garden and lived life.
You see, this meal started being made four months ago.

In February the fertile eggs were incubated and hatched after twenty onedays.  Fifty chicks were introduced to their broody hen surrogate mums who looked after them as their own for many weeks. Of them all, thirty were hen chicks and twenty were roosters.
The hen chicks (pullets) have just started laying eggs and the roosters have just started finding their voices at 4am each morning.
It's time for processing and into the freezer.

The last moments of their life were not spent shoved into small crates and transported hundreds of kilometres to a slaughtering factory.

                                                          With kindness & respect.

                                                         Ready for the freezer.


  1. That meal looks absolutely delicious & so nourishing. Food grown, prepared, cooked & shared with love. A credit to you both.

    1. The roosters free ranged in the paddocks during their days & were locked in a shed at night so Mr Fox didn't get them. No anti-biotics or chemicals in this meat. I admit that I'm just the one who cooks them, Brian & the boys do the "dispatching". Team work!

  2. Your meal looks very delicious...Can you please share the chicken recipe with us? We have some roosters in the freezer too, & some turkeys of course.. Always looking for new ways to cook them.. especially the turkey pieces. Loving the photo's Sally.. Thanks for sharing your life with us all. XXX

    1. Thanks Annie. Yes I will put the recipe up in a following blog soon.

  3. Great food and a great blog Sally. Please keep it up. I'm sure there are a lot of people who enjoy reading (enviously) about your wonderful farm and lifestyle.


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